Thursday, March 29, 2012

California Senate

Debra Bowen has qualified the candidates and now we know who'll be on the ballot. I count 6 Democrats, 14 Republicans, an American Independent, a Libertarian, and 2 Peace and Freedom. That's a lot of candidates, especially considering that only one, Democratic incumbent Dianne Feinstein as a chance of winning. There may be a few candidates who'll stand out, but none have money to run ads statewide

This poll indicates birther Orly Taitz and Los Angeles businessman Al Ramirez, who ran in the Republican primary in 2010 are the leaders. They may be the only recognizable names. Elizabeth Emken has the state party endorsement. Wouldn't Republicans just be so lucky if Taitz were the nominee? I'm sure everyone wants to run on a ticket with her.

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