Monday, August 22, 2016

What is Loretta Sanchez doing?

Loretta Sanchez is a candidate for the California U.S. Senate seat. If this surprises you, you probably aren't alone. Sanchez has held one public campaign event in August. Most candidates would be holding them daily. Especially one with as low a profile as Sanchez. Is she trying to win?

I'm going to speculate that she isn't. She knows she can't beat Kamala Harris, so she's going so spend her time preparing for the 2018 race if DiFi retires as expected. She'll need to raise money and doing that now gives her an advantage. There are donation limits each cycle, but a candidate is allowed to roll over any unused campaign money. If Sanchez raises the max from donors now she can get the max again next cycle. Any other candidate without a Federal account can't do that. I'm going to guess there'll be a lot of money left over in her campaign account after this election.

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