Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Trump Voter Explained

The Trump voter isn't who you think he or she is. They’re hard to peg. There are, of course, the single issue immigration voters. Outside of them Trump’s voters don't subscribe to a specific ideology on almost any issue. Some are Republicans. Others are Democrats and independents. Many don’t understand what’s right and left and don't want to. They want a President who’ll get things done. Socialized medicine? Fine, as long as it works. Government out of the healthcare industry? Sure, as long as it works. They don’t care about small or big government. They just want a government that works for them. And Trump has told them that the rich are sticking it to them. He knows this because that's what he's been doing. Now he'll be their man, so they'll win. Hitch a ride with the Donald and you too will get the advantages the rich guys get.

They've been lied to by Democrats and Republicans. They like Trump because he says what he means. So they don’t care one way or another about Republican or Democratic policies. In fact, they don't care about the specifics of how Trump is going to win for them, only that he will. They're convinced Trump always wins and that he'll find a way. That makes it pretty much impossible for any other candidate to appeal to them.

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