Friday, February 19, 2016

The Cruz Voter Explained

The Cruz voter is, in many ways, the flip side of the Sanders voter. They are firmly on the far right, as Sanders' voters are on the far left, and feel that most of America likes their policies and will support them. Like the Sanders' voter they feel betrayed by their party's establishment, although they possess an animosity towards them that the Sanders voter doesn't have. A big difference is that they are asking government to do less not more. It's being debated whether Sanders' plans will bring in the revenue, cost what he says, and accomplish its goals. It's not hard for government to accomplish what the conservatives want. Government can do nothing successfully.

Another big difference is that they want Ted Cruz to fight the Republicans in Washington and revel that Cruz doesn't get along with other elected Republicans. I'm not sure how they expect Cruz to get anything done if no one in his own party wants to work with him. They may feel that these Republicans will stop capitulating to the Democrats if Cruz is in the White House and will rubber stamp his ideas. Like Bernie Sanders' supporters, they believe that all members of their party agree with them but don't have the courage to stand up for those beliefs.

I'm not sure Cruz has the hold on these voters the way Sanders seems to have a hold on the far left, as Cruz's numbers are much smaller. While Sanders is in a one-on-one battle with the Democratic establishment candidate Cruz is still one of six Republicans and he finished third in New Hampshire.

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