Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Latino won the Iowa Caucus or didn't you hear?

Republicans are complaining that the media is barely noticing that Ted Cruz is the first Latino to win a primary or caucus. The MSM points out that neither emphasizes their Latino heritage or issues important to Latinos and, Cruz especially, they're hard liners on immigration. I don't know if this is fair and I don't think Latinos need the MSM proclaiming Ted Cruz is Latino for people to notice he is.

The candidates may suddenly discover their inner Latino, however. Texas votes on March 1 and Florida votes on March 15. There are a lot of Latino votes in these Republican primaries. Latinovote2012 says that Cruz got 35% of the Hispanic vote, better than Romney's 29%. There's no way Cruz is leaving these votes for Rubio. Romney got 40% of the Latino vote in Florida, the same as Connie Mack did. That's an even bigger share of the Republican electorate. Of course, a candidate doesn't win Republican Hispanics the way they win Democratic Hispanics, but you also don't get their votes without some pandering.

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