Thursday, August 7, 2014

NRCC chairman Greg Walden coming to California

California election news has been non-existent. So I haven't been giving you a steady stream of election analysis. NRCC chairman Greg Walden is coming to California to stump for candidates. That's hardly an earth shattering development and maybe you've already clicked over to Youtube to see if there's a cat video. If you haven't, here are the candidates he's stumping for:

Paul Chabot
Jeff Gorell
Dan Logue
Doug Ose
David Valadao
Mimi Walters
Brian Nestande
Carl DeMaio

The list isn't that surprising, as it contains the 5 congressional seats Republicans have any shot at, a Republican open seat that'll be tough to hold, and a potentially vulnerable Republican. The other vulnerable Republican, Jeff Denham, isn't on the list, but Denham is a prolific fundraiser. So I'm guessing he doesn't feel he needs help. Some people might think it's a waste of time to help Dan Logue, who is a long shot at best. Logue met the requirements to be an NRCC Young Gun. Walden needs to at least help him out with a fundraiser.

One name on there that might be surprising is Mimi Walters, the state senator running for John Campbell's CA-45. She doesn't need any help winning the safe seat and could top 65% in her contest. Walters served in the state assembly with new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. I'm speculating here, but Walters likely wants Walden to do a "meet and greet" for her supporters. One call to McCarthy will get Walden to swing by.

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