Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Democrat Rep. John Garamendi: GOP 'Will Run Away' From Effective ObamaCare

Is Congressman Garamendi really this out of touch? Let's talk California, because Obamacare is supposed to be working better here. I shopped Covered California. Only 3 of the 15 plans included any of my doctors. You read that right. Twelve of them included 0 of them. Zero. None of the 4 doctors I use regularly. The other 3 plans didn't have any reimbursement for one of my doctors. Obviously, I didn't buy my insurance on the exchange. There are a lot of Californians who are like me and have lost their insurance. The LA Times keeps writing about them.

Of course, there are many land mines when the new plans start. Will people have coverage or will the insurance companies not have received accurate forms? What happens when they discover their doctors aren't covered? Due to the lack of healthy people signing up, it's likely that the premiums will skyrocket for 2015. And next fall the business exchange will be open. A lot of companies will lose their insurance because it doesn't comply. And there are a lot more people who get their insurance from their company. Looking at how the government screwed up on the individual market, which has 15-20 million people, how will they do on the business market, which has 10 times as many?

Republicans will be running on Obamacare, congressman.

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