Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CA-25: Another Republican (not exactly) In

Republican state senator Steve Knight sort of announced a bid for congress. Well, he did announce a bid, but like Tony Strickland's bid, it's contingent on Buck McKeon retiring. Which he's given indications he won't. The GOP has to be disappointed that they are getting good candidates for an election that may not happen, but have failed to recruit well in districts like CA-16 and CA-24.

So if Knight will only run if McKeon retires, why announce a bid for a seat that isn't open? Why not wait? Strickland has been raising money prodigiously and would start a primary with a huge money lead. The longer Knight waits, the more that gap widens. And this is a seat that won't produce two Republicans in the top two. So he needs to get in now. Of course if Knight waits for 2016, he can't run for re-election in his state senate seat. 2014 is a free pass. He'd have to make a choice in 2016.

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