Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SD-Mayor: First Poll Out

The Los Angeles Times has a big scoop on the recent meeting of top California Republicans on who they'd support for San Diego mayor. You could read it or you could've read what I wrote two weeks ago. Or maybe that's where they got their idea for their story.

SurveyUSA has the first mayoral election poll out Republican independent Democrat showing Nathan Fletcher with 30% of the vote, Republican Kevin Faulconer with 22%, Democrat David Alvarez with 17%, and others/undecided with 30%. I'm not sure how good this is for Fletcher. It'd put him top two and that's certainly the goal. Faulconer and Alvarez aren't well known. Faulconer may be able to chip away at the 21% of Republicans who might not know that Fletcher is now a Democrat. Alvarez needs to boost his total with self-identified liberals way above the 30% he's at now, while also appealing to some moderates. Will Fletcher withstand the attacks from both the left and right?

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