Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CA-31: Why Pete Aguilar's Endorsement Makes Me Yawn

Extra! Extra! Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar has received the endorsement of the Redlands Area Democratic Club. Yes, the Democratic Redlands mayor managed to snag the endorsement of the Redlands Democratic club. [Yawn] Not only is this unremarkable and expected, but it shouldn't be discounted that Redlands is a city with only 68,747 people, per the 2010 census. San Bernardino has 209,924. Rancho Cucamonga has 165,269. Rialto has 99,171. Upland has 73,732. Aguilar has piled up plenty of endorsements. As he did in 2012. It didn't help. Democrats like to pretend that if the establishment rallies around a candidate, he'll win. Voters on the left don't like to be told who to vote for any more than those on the right. [Yawn]

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