Thursday, September 12, 2013

Abel Maldonado's Campaign Shake-up

Abel Maldonado, the leading Republican candidate for California governor,has parted ways with his high priced DC consultants. Some people are wondering what Maldonado is doing. He's a Republican and sees his party 1) way down with no future 2) lurching far to the right 3) failing to reach Hispanics. I'm not saying I agree with him on all of this, but that's where he's coming from.

He, along with other Republican Hispanics, is part of a group called GROW Elect, which is doing outreach to the Hispanic community and attempting to elect Hispanic Republicans to any elected position. When I say "any" I mean "any." They were pushing for candidates on the Cudahy and Chino Hills City Councils in the March 5 election.

Maldonado and Grow Elect realize that a Hispanic gubernatorial candidate would go a long way toward that goal. I wouldn't be surprised if instead of spending time with the San Fernando Valley Republican Club he goes to a Mexican restaurant in the city of San Fernando. Maldonado likely wants his legacy to be a party that's a lot more Hispanic than it is today. That might not lead to as many votes as campaigning with swing voters, but they're in it for the long term, not just one election.

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