Thursday, January 29, 2015

Orange County supervisor race update

Republican Andrew Do's 2 vote lead over Democrat Lou Correa in the OCSupervisors 1st District race grew to 239 on Wednesday after 4,700 absentee ballots were counted Wednesday. There are 1,264 provisional ballots left to be counted. There is a new law that ballots postmarked by Tuesday can arrive by Friday. Correa pushed this in the legislature. So they're calling it the Save Lou Correa Law. No one knows how many ballots will come in. I'd guess it won't be enough to give Correa a win.

I'm a little surprised that the Republican picked up votes in the election day VBM counting since Democrats do better post election day. 1) It's a non-partisan race. No parties are listed on the ballot. 2) Republicans actually got 61% of the vote. So Correa could've gotten 42% in these ballots but lost ground if Do got more Republican votes. 3) It's a low turnout special. Democrats didn't do better in a few specials last year.

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