Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Final 2014 House of Representatives vote

While there are still a few states that haven't listed their results as certified I think we have all the data we're going to get for some time. Eventually, the House of Representatives will publish a final results list. I've seen a few other places with this data but none of it as updated as what I'm providing here. So ignore Wikipedia for now. I have a table on turnout. Some states have reported total turnout. For those that haven't, I've given the highest vote totals listed for statewide office. There are likely blank ballots, so the numbers will be low.

The final House of Representatives vote shows a Republican two party vote win 52.95% to 47.05%. I'm unsure if Connecticut or New Hampshire are final but they haven't updated their websites for a month. The 5.9% Republican win is smaller than the 6.9% win in 2010, but more Republican than the Democrats 1.2% win in 2012.

The best way to compare 2012 to 2014 isn't to look at overall votes because there are a number of situations where one party or the other doesn't have a candidate. So that gives can skew the numbers. That's why comparing the 328 districts where a Republican and a Democrat ran in both 2012 and 2014 is the better way to go. And the numbers are very similar. The Democrats' 2012 victory is 1.4% and the Republican victory is 5.6%

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