Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at the convention

I talked to someone I know who is keyed into what's going on behind the scenes. He actually works in the 36th and goes back to the Deukmejian administration. He told me that the candidates have been talked to by party officials and he's spoken with a couple of them. Efforts to get candidates to withdraw have failed. No one is dropping out. I mentioned that maybe they all wanted to see how they'd do and use it as a springboard for 2012 when the district becomes more Republican. He told me that people are talking about the possibility that Palos Verdes might not be put in with the beach communities, but might end up with Long Beach in a Hispanic district. I shook my head. I don't think a Republican will make the run-off.

I spoke with a friend who isn't as well connected but has worked with party leadership and asked what she heard about the senate. She mentioned Chuck Devore. When I mentioned that I heard he was running for Orange County Supervisor she mentioned that people close to Michael Reagan had been floating his name out there.


  1. Is this an accurate report?

  2. There's nothing that I'm aware is inaccurate. I was not in the rules committee meeting or the Frank Luntz luncheon. The Prop 14 rundown is consistent with what I know.