Friday, March 18, 2011

California Republican Convention 1

I met a gentleman named Craig Huey. He owns the Direct Marketing Center, an ad business. A Google search shows he's an activist and an Evangelical. He has nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter. (!/reality_alert) He's announcing next week that he's running for the 36th district congressional seat. Three other Republicans are running. I mentioned this to him and he said that he'd have money behind his run and thinks those that don't have money might drop out. He hadn't been in touch with any other candidates, nor did he have plans to meet with them.

I met Forest Baker. He was edged out by Pete Stark by 44 points and plans to go back for more in 2012. I asked him why he ran against Stark, a certain losing proposition. He answered that he got a lot of Democrats to vote for him. Since he didn't get enough I don't think much of that answer.

As I was leaving the registration desk, I got a call from an enthusiastic volunteer from the California Republican Party. He went through his script, hitting on a lot of talking points. Then he asked me to join the party. Which I'd already done. 20 minutes before.

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