Monday, January 9, 2017

California Hires Eric Holder To Do Nothing

The California legislature has hired Eric Holder’s law firm $25k a month for the next three months to defend them against Trump. Most people hire lawyers when they have legal work to give them. Donald Trump has yet to take office. When he does, he may take executive action and there may also be laws passed by congress. Whether any of these actions will warrant the legislature to engage a law firm is unknown.

States sued the Obama administration over things that the administration required them to do. It's possible that the Trump administration will roll back regulations or repeal laws. You can sue the Federal government for requiring your state to enact an environmental law. You can't sue them for repealing that law if it doesn't require the state to do anything. So we don't know if the laws passed by congress will warrant any legal work.

So what we have here is a legislature is fighting a battle against a non-existent opponent (until January 20) over non-existent laws. And spending money to do it. Kudos.

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