Friday, July 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton - Is being dishonest the way to convince people you're not dishonest?

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's server was led by a Barack Obama appointed Justice Department and nothing to do with Republicans. That hasn't stopped the Clintons from dishonestly trying to portray it as a fake Republican witch hunt. The Democrats are being dishonest here and dishonesty is one of Hillary Clinton's biggest liabilities. Lying seems to be the wrong way to go to convince people that she's not a liar.

Of course, there are many Clinton voters who believe that the only reason that any scandal about Hillary Clinton is false. So they've fallen for the sales job. Those people aren’t the voters who think she’s dishonest, however. Those people believe the scandals, even some that are untrue. Hillary Clinton has the voters who'll believe this investigation is a Republican lie. She needs to convince the voters who realize it wasn't. She can only convince people of her honesty by being honest with them. Unfortunately for Clinton she's not willing to do that.

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