Thursday, November 7, 2013

The October, 2014 Obamacare Disaster

Up until now the Obama administration and their liberal allies have treated the health insurance cancellations this way:

1. There are very few of these people.
2. They all had crappy awful plans. If they liked their plan they were too stupid to know how awful it was.
3. They all will get better, cheaper plans.
4. President Obama never promised you could keep these plans.

Apparently they now realize that a patronizing dismissive attitude is a stupid one and the President has apologized. This should disappoint the GOP, as Democrats treating the American public in a dismissive patronizing way results in great Republican results at the ballot box.

But wait. The administration has been harping on the 80% of people who get their health insurance through work or the government. Well, next year the employer mandate will be in effect. Some of those business plans will be deemed insufficient and the company will have to make changes. Some companies will drop health insurance, while others will offer new, different health insurance. In those cases, the employee out-of-pocket contribution could be larger and their plan might not cover the same doctors or have the same co-pays. Will the administration blame our employers the way they're blaming insurance companies now?

Swing voters won't buy that.

Of course next year's individual market could be more expensive or have insurers pull out if this year's market doesn't produce the desired results. These people will go through this again. This is a disaster that's waiting to happen and it'll be an amazing gift for Republicans a month before the election. That's when voters make up their minds.

Will Republicans realize this and mess it up by shutting down the government or some other stupid thing at the same time?

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