Friday, October 18, 2013

CA-31: Joe Baca's Poll

Joe Baca has done a poll for the CA-31 primary, surveying 2,559 high propensity voters. Baca makes top two easily, besting Pete Aguilar 19.6% to 9.4%. There's no back-up showing the question or questions asked or the demographics of those surveyed. It is unusual to interview so many people but I don't see anything wrong with it.

Obviously it's done to make Baca look good but the results seem very fishy to me. While it's very possible, some would say likely, that a Democrat will win the district in November 2014, that almost certainly won't happen in June 2014.Primary electorates in California tend to be a lot more Republican than general election electorates. Linda Sanchez, running in a D+14 district, beat two unknown unfunded opponents by 12.0% in the primary. Republicans got 51.5% of the primary votes here in 2012. That should be better in a mid-term. Democrats here lead Miller 41.6%-27.8%. That's 13.8%. I really question the sample.

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