Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carl DeMaio Working For The Recall

There are a bunch of pictures of CA-52 congressional candidate Carl DeMaio helping solicit signatures for the Bob Filner recall posted on Twitter. Carl DeMaio has retweeted several of them for you, just in case you follow him, but not everyone else in San Diego.

There's no mystery where DeMaio stands on the recall, but participating publicly brings on two questions: 1) Is he doing the recall drive himself because he'd rather run for mayor than congress 2) Does he look like he's doing it because he'd rather run for mayor? That puts the focus on him and not Filner.

Actually, I have a third question. What did he tell Greg Walden and Kevin McCarthy when asked what his plans were?

Edit: It occurred to me that recalling Bob Filner is very popular. In this recent poll, 73% of voters support it. It can't hurt to be on the side of 73% of voters. In addition, while Scott Peters has called on Mayor Filner to resign, it'd be difficult for a Democrat to support a recall of another Democrat. It could provide a contrast for DeMaio and supporting the recall publicly could become a good campaign ad.

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