Saturday, June 25, 2011

Huey for Congress

Last Saturday I canvassed two precincts on the Westside. For those who don't know that's the area of Godzilla's head in the district.

This is Democratic country. These areas were 75-80% Obama, which is pretty mild when there are precincts that are over 90% Obama nearby. Still, this is the area where Hahn needs to GOTV. I didn't see any Hahn door hangers in the morning and only two in the afternoon.

Today I went down to the Torrance office. I probably just missed the big busload of people from San Diego brought up by Roger Hedgecock.

The area they had me walk went 50-50 for Obama and McCain and that made sense. I was pretty much going to 2 out of every three houses but half I went to had Democrats. I saw 5 Huey yard signs and no Hahn yard signs. There were a bunch of Christian ministry flyers in people's doors but nothing from Hahn. Sure, we were within 3 miles of Huey's headquarters, but Jerry Brown got nearly 21,000 votes, 45%, here. After Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, Torrance had the most votes in LA County.

I went to Twitter to see what they're saying about Janice Hahn. More than half the Tweets are anti-Hahn. Half the Hahn Tweets are talking about the web ad. Still. Obama for America CA links to a page where you can find out how to phone bank. Phone banking is okay, but pounding pavement is better. Hahn has Tweeted twice herself in the last week and didn't mention this election in either one.

Huey has Tweeted 10 times in the last 24 hours with all sorts of info on precinct walking, phone banking, and two town hall meetings he has this week.

Certainly, Janice Hahn can't be running this bad an election. This isn't the first election she's been in. Surely her supporters read the Internet. Hahn must be doing a lot I can't see... I mean other than watching that video again and again.

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